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Preparing to Leave Corporate America

Fall Masterclass Series:

Preparing to Leave Corporate America

THURSDAY, 11/2 - Preparing to Leave Corporate America with Eric Seals of Digital Cafe, Michael Applegate Jr. of Straight-A-Properties, and Britney Robbins of the Gray Matter Experience. Each individual walked away from their corporate jobs in 3 very different industry to pursue their passions and thrive as full-time entrepreneurs. We sat down with them for a real conversation and educated each attendee with the knowledge needed before making the leap. We were sure to include some of the details usually left of out of the conversation when people leave Corporate America like applying for health insurance, how much you should save before leaping, and preparing to pay taxes. Most importantly, we equipped each attendee with the motivation, inspiration, and insight needed to know to ensure if they left, they wouldn't need to return. 

This workshop was sponsored by Digital Cafe. Photography by Andre Jamar.