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What We Teach

What We Teach:

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We provide workshops and events that are fundamentally necessary to your advancement and sustainability as an entrepreneur and professional. 


Brand Development

We provide workshops for those starting their own business, building a product, or simply developing their personal brands. Each workshop is designed to provide you with the foundation to understand how brand development is a core pillar to one's entrepreneurial and personal success. From brand strategy and design, to digital marketing and PR, there's a workshop for you!


Business development

These workshops are designed to help you excel across the most defining stages of the business development cycle. Entrepreneurs, freelance creatives, and career changers can all benefit from skills shared in these workshops. From entrepreneurship law and pricing strategies, to financial reporting and pitching, there's a workshop for you!


career development

We understand the importance of providing professionals with tools and resources to advance within their careers. That's why we continuously offer workshops designed around resume writing, job search strategies, networking, and skills development. We also work with various companies across Chicago to provide them with access to our community in efforts to expand their talent pipelines.